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You’ve loved living in your New Port Richey home, enjoying quick access to Tampa and Clearwater beach, along with scrumptious waterfront dining at local restaurants. But now you see a timely opportunity to make a positive step up in your life. Whether it’s a new job or the chance to get that dream home near Big Bayou Point, you’ve made the decision, and you need to sell your house fast in New Port Richey.

There has been an unprecedented demand for existing homes and skyrocketing home prices. Home sale prices in the area have leaped from an average of $150,000 to $400,000 in the last five years, a whopping 174% increase.

But how can you maximize your home’s selling price and still position it to move quickly? We’ve gathered six of the best tips to help you make it happen as fast as possible.

A house in New Port Richey for sale.
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1. Hire a top performing real estate agent who knows New Port Richey

With nearly 200,000 real estate agents in the state, Florida has by far the highest number of home merchants per 1,000 people. To maximize the sale amount of your home, you need a real estate professional who is familiar with the New Port Richey area so they can give you guidance on how to position your home against others on the local market. These experts know the latest trends in everything from decorating to the best day of the week for an open house, and even what trending colors buyers are looking for in a New Port Richey kitchen.

Andrew Daniels is one of those top local agents, as he sells properties 60% quicker than other agents in the area. He has over six years of selling single family homes in New Port Richey, and he says that because of the low inventory of homes for sale right now, it is a seller’s market.

“Many homes sell within a few days of being listed – many for beyond the asking price – and some sell even before being listed,” Daniels states.

In addition to hiring a top professional to help you navigate through the selling process, there are other things you can do to maximize the appeal of your New Port Richey property to a buyer.

2. Update your home

The average age of a home in New Port Richey is 40 years. In that time, there have been shifts in design and construction materials. Based on insights from local real estate pros, homebuyers react in a positive manner when they see the following:

  • Apply neutral colors in the kitchen. Grays and whites are what buyers are expecting to see in the current market. Gray cabinets are the norm, and white accents complement that look. Start this DIY-friendly painting project Friday after work, and by Sunday night, you will be impressed by the visual transformation you achieve.
  • Improve flooring. Avoid multiple (more than 2-3) flooring types in your home. The main living area, hallways and the kitchen should have a consistent look and feel. Hardwoods (installed professionally – this is not generally a DIY project when selling) are an upgrade that buyers have shown a willingness to absorb cost-wise, and hardwoods maintain their look and feel in these high-traffic areas. Carpet in the bedrooms is fine – but remember with carpet and padding, it is both the look of the carpet (no stains, tears, etc.) and also the smell. If you have had indoor pets, it is a good rule of thumb to replace the carpet (and padding) with a high-grade, neutral color with new padding installed underneath.
  • Freshen up with new paint. In addition to brightening dark areas of your home, new paint beyond the kitchen can often hide minor blemishes on your walls, hallways, and doors. It is also an inexpensive way to eliminate odors (cooking, pets, smoking) that you may not be able to detect after years of living there, but first-time visitors to your home will immediately notice.
A room in a New Port Richey house for sale.
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3. Stage your home to appeal to more New Port Richey buyers

Staging your home provides benefits galore to the seller:

  • Homes that are staged sell quicker. Kristy Craig Anderson of Dwell Staging, says often she is brought in to stage a vacant Florida home after it has gone unsold 45-125 days. Kristy explains that “When we stage these homes, they sell on average within 10 days…eight times faster than unstaged.”
  • Staged homes sell for more. According to the most recent study of 13,000 homes by the Real Estate Staging Association, 85% of staged homes sold for 5-23% over the listing price.
  • The cost of staging is low with a high potential for a huge return. Anderson says that for a 2,000 square foot home with a moderate list price, “…our staging starts at about $1,900 for 60 days.”
  • The value in home staging. Holly Gosa of Upstaged to Sell reiterated the value in home staging: “Staging is much less expensive and much more effective than a price reduction.”

4. Pay for flood insurance and get a wind mitigation inspection

Florida is known for beautiful beaches, a warm climate, and outdoor activities. But any tropical paradise also has its share of dealing with Mother Nature in the form of storms and hurricanes. In 2017, Hurricane Irma damaged more than 200 homes in Pasco County, and roughly 900 homes in New Port Richey (especially those located near the Pithlachascotee River) are located in a flood zone with the potential for flooding with every major storm.

Rates for flood insurance in Florida come in at less than $600 per year, and policies are offered through a select number of insurance companies through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The properties you are competing against will more than likely not offer this incentive, so offering this as a credit to be paid at closing might not only sweeten the deal but might even speed up the close.

A wind mitigation inspection is not a requirement to sell your home in Florida, however it can reduce your homeowner’s insurance premium by up to 45%. The purpose of this particular inspection is to determine the overall ability of your home to withstand high winds. This report can also be bundled with a four-point inspection (plumbing, electrical, HVAC and roof) “…so that buyers can get a realistic homeowners insurance quote”, according to Daniels.

A pool behind a New Port Richey house for sale.
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5. Highlight your pool area to emphasize a desirable New Port Richey life

With an average temperature of 72 degrees, homeowners in New Port Richey enjoy spending time outdoors. If you are one of the fortunate homeowners with an outdoor pool and a lanai (a screened patio area), your listing is bound to attract buyers from the north – specifically upstate New Jersey and New York, according to Daniels. He adds that homes with pools sell quicker than those that do not.

  • Make certain that all pool equipment (including heater if so equipped) is operating normally.
  • Check that the pool water is an inviting blue by performing a weekly backwash (if required) and chemical balance to maintain your backyard oasis.
  • Add color to the area with plants that do not drop leaves, which requires more maintenance (around the pool and in the filter). Some to consider are dwarf date palm, crotons, bromeliads, and Xanadu Philodendron.

Florida is known for having a warm and humid climate, so be sure to check that the ceiling fan(s) in your lanai are operating properly so that the fan’s gentle breeze provides continuous cooling comfort. That humidity can also cause algae to grow in the screens surrounding the patio. If you observe this, it can be cleaned with a 50:50 mix of hot water and vinegar. Scrub the area with a brush, and follow this up with a thorough rinsing with a garden hose – including any plants that may have had contact with the vinegar.

Outdoor furniture completes the oasis look and feel. Overstock, known for their high quality furniture, offers outdoor sets for any budget, as seen in this Rattan Outdoor Seating Set, and for homeowners looking to create an inviting place for relaxing, this 5-seater Rattan Sectional Sofa Set definitely sets the right tone.

The decking area around the pool needs attention as well. If you don’t own one, think about renting a power washer from The Home Depot. They can also be used to clean driveways, stucco, and garage doors.

6. Improve curb appeal with these Florida tips and tricks

Daniels says that what a buyer sees when they pull up to the front of your home can mean the difference between having a drive-by versus creating an appeal to what lies behind the front door.

  • Create pops of color. Add garnishes of color for an initial impression that’s extremely helpful for that wow factor.
  • Eliminate visual noise. If you have overgrown trees or shrubs, trim them back. Replace dated or tarnished coach lamps on the outside porch area. Florida is also known for having moss grow in oak trees – get rid of it.
  • Add river rock for visual flare. Grass can be difficult to keep green. Distract from that by adding sections of river rock to either side of your front walkway.
  • Plant flowers near the entrance. Flowers are indications that your New Port Richey home is well maintained inside and out. Grab a couple of flats of annuals such as marigolds, snapdragons or pentas and place them in the beds near the front door.

Bottom Line

The process of selling your home can be made easier and far less stressful when you partner with someone with a keen knowledge of today’s real estate market. Having a top local agent who has experience and proven success is critical if you want to sell your house fast in New Port Richey. They will help you navigate common pitfalls, manage multiple offers and secure the best return on your investment. Start imagining you have sold this home and you are in your new home. With the right agent and these expert tips, it can happen sooner than you think.

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