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Located on the desirable Treasure Coast, Port St. Lucie is the 3rd largest city in southern Florida, and its homes are selling fast because of businesses moving into the area, numerous outdoor recreational opportunities, comparatively low living costs, and, of course, copious glorious sunshine. For homeowners, there is some information that you need to know to sell your house fast in Port St. Lucie.

Redfin reports that home prices for Port St. Lucie are up 24.3% from December 2020, and South Florida Business Journal finds that the sales volume of single-family homes has also increased by 24.4% from 2020, while inventory has declined 43.9% since 2020.

As of January 2021, the average median sale price of a Port St. Lucie home stands at $313,094 with highly desirable homes selling for an average of 38.5% above list price.

Yet, even with these increases in prices, Port St. Lucie homes feel affordable to many.

Port St. Lucie top-selling realtor, Scott McAllister, who sells properties 70% quicker than the average agent in Port St. Lucie, finds that many potential buyers are those looking to flee the increasing crowds and prices of Boca Raton, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach.

This guide will tell you how to appeal to buyers and sell your house fast in Port St. Lucie.

A golf course near a house that sold fast in Port St. Lucie.
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Get your golf on

HomeLight’s data shows that the values of homes within golf course communities are 48% higher nationwide than they were in March 2020 and 53% higher for homes in Florida. Part of this stems from the “Golfrenaissance” prompted by the pandemic, which makes outdoor activities much needed reprieves and has caused adults of all ages to flock to the country club lifestyle.

This means that if you live in a golf community, or, even better, on the golf course, then you’ve got a major selling point.

Take pictures showcasing your golf course views for your listing. Also, list any perks that you may have by being near a golf course such as the distance from your home to the driving range, discounts on country club memberships, fishing ponds on the golf course, and walking paths that homeowners can enjoy after hours.

Use Port St. Lucie’s beloved Key West design elements

McAllister states that most buyers are looking for an oceanfront feel even if they don’t have that view. Therefore, most buyers want beachy décor with a Key West design that makes them feel relaxed. McAllister says that this aesthetic translates to light colors or white hues dominating indoor spaces with occasional pastel (particularly light blue or pale yellow) accents.

Coastal design elements also work well, such as beige and white hues with pops of bold colors, such as reds and oranges.

All-white walls, cabinetry, and countertops are highly desired in indoor spaces as well, particularly in kitchens since white tends to make areas feel roomier than dark colors. Indeed, McAllister says that gone are the days of dark wood.

If your home sports dark colors, consider painting your walls in a lighter shade, painting over any dark cabinetry if possible, and replacing dark furniture for light-colored (and light in weight — remember, we’re going for a breezy and beachy vibe) staging furniture.

A house in Port St. Lucie that sold fast.
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Make your outdoor spaces irresistible and practical to sell fast

The Florida weather is a major reason why transplants come to the Sunshine State and why many Floridians stay. Elements that enable people to enjoy the outdoors will entice buyers to snatch up a property. In particular, try the following to sell your house fast in Port St. Lucie:

Show off your pool and pool house. McAllister asserts that pools and pool houses add excellent value and can make a buyer jump at a home. He states, “back in the day, you’d add $25,000, maybe $30,000 for a pool house,” and now houses can be valued at “$50,000 to $75,000 more simply for having that.” As McAllister puts it, “people, really, really want to have that pool.”

So, if you have a pool or pool house, make sure to clean it up to be a sparkling oasis that potential buyers can picture themselves relaxing in.

Update or add a fence. According to McAllister, attractive and effective fencing is particularly important for single-family homes since potential buyers are frequently families with children and/or pets.

Furthermore, DJP Fence Contracting Services’ Jonathan Jenkins notes that fencing is great for protecting people and pets. Jenkins has worked in fencing for over 20 years and he suggests white vinyl for its aesthetics, alignment with the in-demand Key West style, low maintenance, and lifespan, which can be up to 30 years.

If you have other outdoor amenities, try using HomeLight’s Home Value Estimator tool to see how those features may add to your home’s value estimate.

Showcase your home’s safety

A major concern of many homebuyers is the safety of their target neighborhoods. ranked Port St. Lucie as the 11th safest city in Florida in 2021, and you should flaunt this statistic when writing the listing in order to attract potential buyers from out of state.

Talk business by listing nearby businesses

Port St. Lucie is one of the top 10 strongest metro markets according to the National Association of Realtors®. This means that commercial market conditions for hotels, office spaces, industrial spaces, retail spots, and apartments are outperforming most of the country, which translates to more jobs and more money-making opportunities in Port St. Lucie than in most locations in the United States. Weary, tax-burdened families can’t help but be attracted to this.

So, when you write the listing, identify the major businesses within an easy commuting distance (think 20 minutes) and give a proximity to local highways to help sell your house fast.

Flaunt your weather protection and low risk

Florida means hurricane risk to many potential buyers. But this gives you an opportunity to turn a potential negative into a positive by directing buyers toward your home’s safety weather features by doing the following:

  • Point to your hurricane shutters. If you don’t have these, you may want to investigate adding hurricane shutters before listing your property. HomeGuide reports that hurricane shutters cost between $2,000 and $8,000 if done by a professional, but Costimates suggests that they can be DIYed for as low as $36 per square foot. Either way, the seal of safety they provide will take away possible trepidation that buyers may have about the home’s hurricane safety and help your house to sell fast.
  • Show a low flood hazard. About 20% of Port St. Lucie properties are at risk for flooding. So, if you can say that your home is not one of those at risk and that your flood hazard is low, then definitely make sure to point that out to your potential buyers either through conversation, the listing, or through your Realtor®. You can find your flood hazard risk through the City of Port St. Lucie’s website.

Partner with a top real estate agent in Port St. Lucie for the fastest sale

If you want to sell fast in Port St. Lucie, then you need to find a real estate agent who understands the city’s migration trends and market conditions. In fact, agents sell Port St. Lucie houses an average of 23 days faster than homeowners who try to go it alone.

Also, as McAllister states, agents are integral to understanding the nuances of contracts, helping sellers avoid problematic deals, and developing a marketing plan with you to obtain the exposure that your property needs to sell quickly.

You can find the best agent for you by using HomeLight’s Agent Finder, which uses market data, including average days on the market, client reviews, and list-to-sale price to match you with three top agents in your area. Together with an agent, you can come up with an effective marketing plan that will get the word out about your property to potential buyers.

If you’re unable to invest any additional money into sprucing up your home to appeal to buyers or if you need your home to sell right now, then you can use HomeLight’s Simple Sale platform that provides cash offers for homes in almost any condition and will allow you to sell your house in Port. St. Lucie fast — in weeks rather than months.

However, between working with an expert agent and implementing this guide’s fast-selling tips, you’ll be able to sell your Port St. Lucie house fast.

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