Wed. May 25th, 2022

Having shared six years in their cozy-but-cramped starter home, Logan and Ashleigh Caraway knew it was time to size up — especially once they started talking about growing their family.

The Caraways reached out to their friend and Dallas-Fort Worth real estate agent, Adie Dugan. And at first, things looked promising for a swift transition.

“It was a very ideal time to move — the market was on fire,” says Ashleigh.

A couple that used HomeLight cash offer to buy a house in Dallas.

Heavy competition for buyers, including cash investors

But the Caraways quickly learned that a hot market for sellers means that it’s tough out there for buyers.

“Every home we wanted to put an offer in on had multiple offers, and often we could not compete with what was on the table,” says Logan. “We would submit strong offers, but they kept getting rejected. It was really tough to be competitive in this market,” Ashleigh adds.

Fortunately, Dugan had another idea in mind.

She noticed that her clients weren’t just competing against other single-family homebuyers — they were competing against investors with deep pockets.

“There were so many cash investors really flooding Dallas-Fort Worth,” says Dugan. “So I brought HomeLight Cash Offer to Logan and Ashleigh’s attention.”

A Dallas house purchased with HomeLight Cash Offer.
Source: (Adie Dugan of The Rhodes Team of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices PenFed Realty Texas)

HomeLight Cash Offer gets buyers noticed

When homes are receiving dozens of offers, buyer’s agents need a way to make their client’s offer stand out from the competition and get the attention of a busy listing agent.

HomeLight Cash Offer simplifies the purchase process for qualified buyers (and their preferred agent!) by removing the financing contingency. Buyers then have the power to make an ultra-competitive cash offer with the ability to close in as few as eight days — all with no hidden fees.

“HomeLight Cash Offer was really the right solution for Logan and Ashleigh,” says Dugan. “It gave them the competitive edge of a cash offer and we could get the listing agents to talk to us — versus when an agent is flooded with 30 other offers that all look very similar.”

With their financing contingency eliminated, the Caraways were not only able to start a conversation about the home they envisioned for their family, but they were also able to close on it in just 10 days.

“We were the only cash offer. It was pretty quick for us,” says Dugan. “We could have gone the traditional financing route for this home, but I don’t think we would’ve been able to negotiate as well with the seller.”

A kitchen in a Dallas House purchased with HomeLight Cash Offer.
Source: (Adie Dugan of The Rhodes Team of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices PenFed Realty Texas)

Flexible support for a stress-free purchase

Aside from their boosted buying power, one aspect that Dugan and the Caraways each appreciated was HomeLight’s comprehensive support throughout the purchase process.

“Everyone was very professional, very friendly, very responsive,” says Logan. “If we had a question, we had an answer almost immediately.”

As a busy agent, Dugan especially valued HomeLight’s responsiveness and proactive approach to doing business.

“Maggie, our HomeLight Cash Offer Strategic Relationships Manager, was there for me every single step of the way. Every time I had a question, she had an answer ready,” explains Dugan. “Agents who are running around with a bunch of different clients and juggling all these balls really need to be able to rely on their support team.

“I felt like I could rely on HomeLight.”

A pool outside a Dallas house purchased with HomeLight Cash Offer.
Source: (Adie Dugan of The Rhodes Team of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices PenFed Realty Texas)

Welcome home with HomeLight

Thanks to HomeLight Cash Offer, the Caraways were able to buy their new home and they’ve been enjoying the extra space and great location ever since. They say that HomeLight gave them the tools they needed to be competitive once they found their ideal home.

“I think the seller had an easier decision to make because of the cash offer,” says Logan. “That sped up the process tremendously.”

Not only were they able to make an enticing, quick-close offer, the Caraways even found themselves in the driver’s seat when it came to negotiations. This was an unexpected turn of events in the rapid-fire Dallas market — but one with a rather advantageous outcome for Logan and Ashleigh.

“We got this house for $15,000 under asking,” says Ashleigh. “We really do recommend HomeLight for anyone trying to stay competitive.

“That’s the power of the cash offer.”

Header Image Source: (Erin Hervey / Unsplash)

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