Wed. May 25th, 2022

When real estate agent Carolyn Gdowski started working with her client, Grant, she knew right away that he could be a strong buyer in Denver’s competitive market.

“He’d relocated to Denver about a year prior for a job opportunity, and rented for some time to figure out exactly what he wanted in a purchase,” Gdowski explains. “I recognized his financial strength and knew that he would be a great fit for the HomeLight Cash Offer program.”

A room in a house that used HomeLight Cash Offer.
Source: (Sean Galaviz, Great Place Real Estate Inc)

Cash Offer gives your buyer confidence

As an agent with 14 years experience, Gdowski knows how much sellers love to see a cash offer.

Buyers with a financing contingency may be serious and well-qualified, but until the tedious underwriting process is complete, a purchase offer based on loan approval isn’t a sure thing.

Cash, on the other hand? Sellers can count on it. And so can buyers once they have the power of cash in their own house-hunting toolbox. No surprise that Gdowski’s client was on board as soon as she introduced him to HomeLight Cash Offer.

Since the program front-loads all qualifications and approvals — for both the buyer and their intended home — HomeLight Cash Offer swiftly removes the financing contingency and allows a client to become an all-cash buyer capable of a fast close.

“It was a quick and smooth process, and Grant was just very excited to have this tool as he went to figure out how to buy a house in this Denver market,” says Gdowski. “We looked at a few homes and Grant knew that if he liked any of them, he had such a better chance of getting the property. That gave him so much more confidence.”

Cash Offer creates certainty after a plot twist

It didn’t take long for Gdowski and her client to find a home that he loved.

They wrote a strong cash offer but quickly learned that the seller was motivated by money rather than certainty.

“Another offer came in that was higher, but it was a loan,” says Gdowski. “The seller asked us if we could go higher. They loved the fact that we were cash, but they also wanted as much money as possible in their pocket.”

Gdowski’s client ultimately said no, holding firm on his original cash offer.

“He felt that there’s a value to cash,” says Gdowski, adding that offering more on the property also would have pushed it to a price beyond the value her client felt comfortable with. “He was fine paying some overvalue, but didn’t want to go any further.”

The seller ended up accepting the higher offer that was contingent on financing, and the house went under contract.

But a plot twist happened overnight. The competing buyer’s lender wasn’t aware of the HOA fees associated with the home, and the buyer no longer qualified for their intended purchase.

“The listing agent called at 9:00 the next morning and said, ‘The first buyer did not qualify and the seller would like to know if your buyer would like to go back in,’” Gdowski recalls.

She quickly confirmed that the seller’s interest was in Grant’s original offer — not a higher price to match the offer from the contingent buyer — and her client was under contract later that same day.

“HomeLight Cash Offer gave us extra leverage, and it made the seller realize that the lower risk of a cash offer was actually what they were willing to take, as opposed to more money on a financed offer where there’s more risk.”

A house in Denver that used HomeLight Cash Offer.
Source: (Sean Galaviz, Great Place Real Estate Inc)

Cash Offer sweetens the deal with a fast close

Gdowski’s client closed in just 21 days thanks to HomeLight Cash Offer.

“We were able to facilitate an incredibly smooth close,” says Gdowski. “There’s credit to the buyer for being very efficient and having a great file, and credit to the HomeLight Cash Offer team who really managed the process beautifully to do what was best for Grant.”

Grant’s purchase was Gdowski’s first experience with HomeLight Cash Offer, but she definitely plans to use it as a resource for other clients.

“It was very quick and smooth and worked well,” says Gdowski. “They really looked out for Grant’s best interest.

“They did an incredible job.”

Header Image Source: (Sean Galaviz, Great Place Real Estate Inc)

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